Blame it on your brain

​I find the insights I’m going to share with you today totally fascinating.  For the most part, they are concepts I recently thought a lot about after attending Tony Robbins’s event ​Unleash the Power Within​.

You see…the thoughts and beliefs we have are often not our own.  If you think about it, just because you ​believe​ something to be true doesn’t mean it’s actually the truth.  

Most of our thoughts and beliefs about the world are someone else’s.  

You learned them throughout your life and now you accept them as fact.  I do too.

We are very willing to challenge someone else’s thoughts and beliefs, yet we VERY RARELY challenge our own.

And aside from that, we have 3 million year old human brains.  Our brains, even in 2017, are designed to protect us through fight or flight in life or death situations.


There aren’t saber toothed tigers chasing us anymore.  So we worry.  We feel uncomfortable.  We focus on (or even make up) little “problems” because our human brains need ​something​ to fear and protect us from.

Your brain is here to keep you alive, not to make you happy.

So we stay miserable in jobs, relationships, and in our financial situations.  We accept unhappiness with our bodies as if it’s just a natural part of life.  We accept far less than extraordinary.

Because your brain ​doesn’t want you to change​.  Even if what you’re doing isn’t working or making you happy, it’s better for your brain if you remain in that state because it’s preferable to change.

Take that in.

Am I saying you’re out of control of your own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions?

Not exactly.

Because if you’re conscious of the above, you can change your thoughts, perceptions, and ultimately, your life.

But if you give into your human brain, life will never be what it has the potential to be.

Choose to live in beauty and abundance every day.  Change your thoughts, change your words, change your actions, change your life.

​So, let me ask you…

How can you see what I described above showing up across areas of your life?  Can you see how to create change?  

And if changing your body, nutrition, and/or fitness are a priority for you, can you see how your brain may be holding you back?


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So, let’s go! :)​

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