Core values

Own your life.
Do you have core values that your live your life by? Core values are non-negotiable characteristics that represent who you are to the core. I personally have 5 that I live by:
Integrity – I do what I say I’m going to do. I show up as promised. I’m reliable and consistent. I make the same choices when I’m alone as I would when others are around.
Authenticity – I’m myself always. I don’t believe in compromising who I am to please others. And I constantly work to be the best version of myself.
Personal Responsibility – I take full ownership of my life. I own my choices and outcomes, for better or for worse. I will never play the victim.
Generosity – I aim to listen, give, love, and help as generously as possible. You can never give too much. I live in the service of others.
Go all in – If I’m going to do something, I commit to giving it 100% of my energy and effort (this is always a work in progress). I don’t do things half way or without passion.
By identifying these personal values, I have been able to truly take ownership of my life in many ways, and they make it easy to make decisions. If a choice isn’t in line with one of these values, I can’t choose it. Simple.
What are some of the core values you live by?

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