Creating the anti-fitness movement

I just came off of a Facebook live video in my private group (Nicole Spencer Coaching Community) where I shared exactly what I’m doing…

I’m creating a movement…an anti-fitness movement.  A movement that fights against the images, messages, and expectations of the industry.  A movement that stands up against ideals of perfection, that embraces our flaws, and that preaches self-love no matter what.

This is not to say I am not here to help women with weight loss through nutrition, fitness, and mindset coaching – I absolutely am!  But not in a traditional way.  Not in a way that demeans women or puts unrealistic pressure on them to be “perfect.”

This movement exists to help women better understand themselves and to empower them to support each other toward a common goal.

I’ve had enough of “fitspirations” (those graphics with “inspiring” quotes laid over a “perfect” looking woman).  I’ve had enough of the “no excuses” movement.  I’ve had enough of seeing women I know, both near and far, struggle with body image, not feeling good enough, dieting, guilt, and even self-hate – things I’ve had painful struggles with myself.

I am here to stand against those things while empowering women to love themselves and take action toward becoming healthier, more confident, more self-aware, and stronger, both inside and out.

If you want to be part of this movement, be sure to join my group (if you haven’t already!).

A movement starts with a single idea and a single person spreading that idea.  It’s as simple as that.  Help me spread this message by adding just 3 women in your life to the private Facebook group – women who NEED to hear and share in this message.  You could change their life.  I can’t wait to support. 🙂



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