Don’t believe the pictures you see

I did a photo shoot a few months ago in preparation for my new website launch with my fabulous photographer, Kevin Lemere.
After the shoot, we were scanning through the digital images…and I became horrified. Not only did I choose a pretty terrible pair of pants to wear for the occasion (they look better from the front than from the back), but I also put myself in some pretty unflattering positions.
The photos I am sharing with you here I had asked him to delete. I never wanted to see them again. But then I thought about it and how it might benefit anyone who has struggled with body image issues.
Arch/No Arch – Makes a HUGE difference!
I’m a fitness professional, and I’m not perfect. Not even close.
I work out 5-6 days a week, eat well 80% of the time, sleep well, and I manage my stress well for the most part. Yet when I arch my back in tight pants, I still have rolls. When I wear high wasted pants, my ample butt looks significantly more ample. While my first reaction was horror when seeing the photos below, I recognize how hard I work, and I hope these can inspire you to love what you have and do the very best with it.
So next time you see a photo of yourself you don’t love or have nasty thoughts about yourself when looking in the mirror, remember that no one is perfect. Even the ones who seem the most perfect on TV, social media, and magazines have imperfections and massive insecurities.
You are enough as you are, and you always will be.
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