EP 09: The 5% Rule

Do you have the audacity to be audacious? Do you desire to be bold or courageous? If so, what’s stopping you? Today Nicole is going to be discussing why she believes only 5% of the population is brave enough to take the calculated risks needed to reach their goals. Be adventurous and inquisitive. Step up and do something different. This is what is needed to achieve your dreams.

Listen in as Nicole explains why it is your choice to push through the uncertainty or doubt and how this choice affects your outcomes. You will learn why you have to be fully committed to your decision and how to be radically honest with yourself. You only get one shot at this, and no one can do it but you!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why Nicole wants to be perceived as audacious. (2:30)
  • What the 5% rule is and why it applies to every aspect of life. (5:20)
  • Why you need to push through uncertainty. (7:37)
  • How Nicole achieved extraordinary results. (9:40)
  • The importance of making powerful decisions about how you can achieve your dreams. (13:00)
  • How to get radically honest with yourself. (16:15)
  • What happens when you invest in yourself. (21:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Audacious is how you build your dream. Audacious is how you go from not much money to millionaire.” – Nicole Spencer

“It is only 5% of people who want it bad enough and are more than just talk when it comes to their dreams.” – Nicole Spencer

“You can’t do what the 95% do and expect extraordinary results. You have got to be in that narrow margin.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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