EP 101: The Art Of Online Conversations That Lead To Sales

The ability to start — and hold — a conversation as a coach is a necessary skill. Through your coaching, you help people achieve their goals by reinforcing their strengths and exploring their challenges. Starting conversations is also how you attract new clients as a coach. Yet, so many online coaches struggle with taking their conversations online. They’re unsure of where to begin and what to say. In this episode, Nicole explains how you can hold these critical conversations online that lead to sales without being spammy or overly salesy.

Listen in as Nicole shares the importance of not being the person who is cold DM’ing multiple people a day and how you can bring people to your business without doing this. You will learn why you shouldn’t offer up your coaching advice for free, the importance of always keeping the destination in mind when holding these conversations with potential clients, and how to ensure you’re setting people up for success without diminishing your own value.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The difference between online conversations and in-person conversations. (2:30)
  • How to connect with people online without sounding spammy. (4:45)
  • The importance of having intentional conversations rather than random conversations. (6:00)
  • The benefit of knowing how to ask good questions that lead to sales. (7:45)
  • Why you shouldn’t offer up your coaching for free. (9:10)
  • How to set strong boundaries for your work. (13:00)
  • What the goal of your sales conversations should be. (15:00)
  • Why the point of contact matters as to how you approach a conversation. (17:20)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “You want to treat people online like you would offline.” – Nicole Spencer
  • “The goal is connecting with people, loving on people and at the end of the day, if you think they’re your soulmate client, you want to offer them the next step.” – Nicole Spencer
  • “You need to listen to people and keep the destination in mind.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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