EP 140: Interview With Sales Expert Princess Bonhomme on the Current State of Selling Coaching + How To Win Your Market

Are you curious about the evolving landscape of the coaching industry and how it’s impacting sales? Join Nicole and Sales Expert, Princess Bonhomme, in this episode as they dive deep into the world of coaching, sales strategies, and mindset. This year has ushered in changes in the way coaching services are sold, and they’re here to explore the reasons behind these shifts.

Listen in to hear about the importance of cultivating the right sales mindset, how to overcome the negative perceptions surrounding sales, and the need for more touchpoints in the customer journey. You’ll learn about the significance of clarity in your business strategy, the role of confidence in your success, and common mistakes made by coaches.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why Princess decided to get into selling coaching. (1:30)
  • The importance of having the right mindset when it comes to sales. (3:30)
  • Why you must be committed to your business. (6:00)
  • What Princess has seen change in the coaching industry. (9:00)
  • How to be one of the successful coaches. (11:00)
  • The importance of remembering you will never be 100% ready to start your business. (15:10)
  • The biggest mistakes Nicole and Princess see coaches make. (18:00)
  • How your confidence could be impacting your business. (22:30)
  • Why you must believe in yourself. (27:30)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “If you can help one person get out of their way and do something transformative for themselves, then there is a ripple effect.” – Princess Bonhomme
  • “You have to be focused on selling to the right people for the right reasons.” – Nicole Spencer
  • “The coaches who are providing value consistently and have a strong sense of passion and a strong sense of why, they’re the ones who are the most successful.” – Princess Bonhomme

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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