EP 17: How Jennie Henderson Went from $36k to $400k Annually in Less Than a Year as an Online Coach

Starting her coaching career after her own personal transformation, Jennie Henderson was struggling to find time in her day to take care of herself, let alone her clients. However, she believed in herself enough to hire help and change her business model. Today she joins the show to share how she was able to take her business from $3k to a $35k month, all while getting her clients better results and finding time for herself every day.

Listen in as Jennie shares the importance of listening to your inner voice and why mindset is the most beneficial thing you can discuss in your coaching business. You will learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs, what is actually possible if you believe in yourself and how to finally reach your goals.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Jennie got started in Online Coaching. (1:46)
  • Jennie’s breaking point when she knew something had to change. (4:40)
  • The importance of changing your mindset. (8:15)
  • The biggest difference Jennie sees in her life since transforming her business. (11:45)
  • The importance of creating boundaries. (17:25)
  • How to push past fear. (23:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

 “Don’t be afraid. Fear is normal.” – Jennie Henderson

 “As soon as I started talking about mindset, my drop out rate eliminated.” – Jennie Henderson

 “On the other side of fear is transformation.” – Jennie Henderson

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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