EP 21: The Power of Leverage & Wrong Thoughts About Money

Today Nicole will be talking about something that is not only a critical component of starting and growing a successful business, but is also crucial for creating abundance in your life. This one thing is something many people shy away from. It is controversial, and it may even make you feel uncomfortable. So, what is this one thing that holds back the majority of entrepreneurs from taking the necessary steps to start their dream careers? Debt—and the power of leveraging it in the short term.

Listen in as Nicole shares her personal journey to starting her successful online coaching business and why she believes investing in your business is one of the most critical decisions an entrepreneur needs to make. You will learn how to change your thinking around money and how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs. Remember, there is no real reward without risk!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Nicole’s personal story of how she built her business. (3:00)
  • The power of leveraging short-term debt. (6:55)
  • How to change your thinking around debt. (11:05)
  • How to overcome your self-limiting beliefs. (13:30)
  • What happens when you make fear-based decisions. (17:25)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Not leveraging short-term debt is actually the worst advice for entrepreneurs.” – Nicole Spencer

“I don’t want you to miss out on building your dream business because you’re thinking about short-term debt wrong.” – Nicole Spencer

“There is no real reward without risk.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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