EP 24: Creating Results

Results always start with a decision that you make and the energy from which you make that decision. Unfortunately, many coaches make fear-based decisions, yielding fear-based results. These fear-based results are generally not what you want for your business. So, in this episode, Nicole will be sharing how you can start creating the results you’re after in your business and your life.

When you are not in the right mindset to create results, results are not going to happen. Listen in as Nicole shares how to shift your energy and mindset to a place of abundance and belief. Remember: you have the power to change the course of your business!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why you may not be getting the results you’re after. (2:10)
  • What fear-based decisions do. (4:40)
  • The problem so many business owners face. (6:20)
  • How to overcome the fear that you can’t be successful. (9:30)
  • The right question to ask yourself. (11:10)
  • The biggest dream-killer. (14:15)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Results come from making the decision that you are going to create the result.” – Nicole Spencer

“Fear-based decisions do not create greatness. They don’t create tons of impact, and they don’t create any money.” – Nicole Spencer

“There are no guarantees in life or in business.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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