EP 26: The Heaviness of Coaching

A common experience around those in the health, fitness or coaching space is that of being an empath. You may feel like you quickly absorb and take on other people’s emotions, across the spectrum from positive to negative. However, it is time for you to shift the narrative and figure out how to support yourself better. So, in this episode, Nicole will be discussing the heaviness of coaching and the importance of talking about the emotional baggage that sometimes comes along with this.

Listen in as she shares why you should not take on your clients’ struggles, instead allowing them to feel their own emotions and work through their own battles. You will learn about the roller-coaster that is owning your own business and why feeling anxiety around this is completely normal. If you are a coach who struggles with people pleasing or extreme empathy, this episode is for you.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why it is important to normalize the heaviness of coaching. (1:40)
  • The importance of not taking on your clients’ struggles. (4:20)
  • The power that comes from the emotion you may feel as an entrepreneur. (7:30)
  • Nicole’s personal experience with weight gain and the lessons she learned. (12:00)
  • How to avoid absorbing your clients’ emotions. (14:15)
  • Why you are not responsible for other people’s success. (18:35)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Some of the best lessons I have learned in life have been from struggles.” – Nicole Spencer

“Business is an emotional roller-coaster.” – Nicole Spencer

“Your clients are meant to struggle and they are meant to fail because that is how they grow.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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