EP 30: Perceived Limitations & Where Results Come From

People often experience various levels of success over the course of their careers, but what makes this occur? Nicole has observed many successful coaches and those wanting to achieve success, and she has seen time and time again that there are those who surrender to their self-perceived limitations—and those who find a way to overcome them. So, in this episode, she will be sharing how to change your mindset so you can finally build the coaching business of your dreams.

Listen in as she explains where success truly comes from and why you may not be getting the results you so crave. You will learn why waiting for the perfect time to launch your business is never a good idea, why you don’t need permission from anyone in your life to pursue your dreams, and the benefit of investing in yourself.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Where success comes from. (3:00)
  • Why we can’t allow our self-limiting thoughts to hinder our lives. (4:58)
  • Why we shouldn’t wait for the perfect circumstance to arise. (7:00)
  • Reasons why you shouldn’t put the launch of your business off. (9:45)
  • The importance of investing in yourself. (11:45)
  • Why circumstances don’t dictate your results. (14:50)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Success comes from our thoughts, which are really always our choice.” – Nicole Spencer

“It all comes down to the thoughts that you choose.” – Nicole Spencer

“There is no room for coaches who ‘later’ their business.” – Nicole Spencer

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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