EP 36: Client Interview: How Andrea Created $70k Over 16 Weeks with Her First Online Coaching Program!

Andrea has been an osteopath for over twenty years, as well as a nutritionist and naturopath for the past six years. In 2017, Andrea had a tough time in her business, having multiple people on her team resign at the same time, which led to her recognizing the power of bringing her business online. Today she joins the show to discuss her amazing journey, including how she has managed to enroll over 45 clients in her new online course and the logistics of starting up a new business.

Listen in as Andrea explains the fears she had when bringing her business online and how she overcame those fears by changing her mindset. You will learn about the importance of having a long-term strategy in place, how Andrea has earned $71,000 in 16 weeks, and the powerful impact you have the ability to make on others’ lives.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Andrea’s background and how she got to where she is today. (2:10)
  • Why she decided to bring her business online. (4:45)
  • Her biggest fears when starting her online business. (9:00)
  • What she learned when starting her online course. (10:30)
  • What has happened in Andrea’s life since receiving the results she has in her business. (15:55)
  • The powerful impact she has made on people’s lives. (20:05)
  • How to be open to new ways of doing things. (24:29)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“It surprised me that I was so busy, and I didn’t even have to do that much.” – Andrea

“My whole motto is to help people live a healthier life for longer.” – Andrea

“You’ve got to work where people are, not just where you want them to be.” – Andrea

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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