Have you ever done this?

I’m writing with PASSION today, so be warned! 🙂

When is the last time you set a big, life-changing goal?

Maybe it was to FINALLY lose the weight.

Maybe it was to quit your job.

Maybe it was to transform into the person you’ve always wanted to be but never had the courage to take action before.

You were excited, determined, and ready to transform and elevate yourself to live at a higher level, to be in the small percentage of people who create truly exceptional lives for themselves.

Then your brain got to you.  You talked yourself out of it because…

You didn’t have time,

It was going to be too hard.

It was too risky.

It was too uncomfortable.

You didn’t know enough or have the resources.

The list goes on and on.  At the end of the day, you fell into the trap most people fall into.  You realized that staying the same or taking the easier path was, well…easier.  Reality is that change is HARD.  That’s why most people never make significant changes to their lives to create what they want.

I don’t say this to put you down in any way if you can relate this scenario to your own life! Quite the opposite, actually!  I say this to motivate you to re-evaluate what you’re doing right now and the choices you’re making.  Why do I know this scenario so well? Because I’ve been through it myself…many times!

But I have to tell you – I am on top of the world today because I set a goal for myself about 13 months ago that was realized TODAY!

I wrote down my goals for where I wanted to be in a year in August of 2016.  One of my measures of success was that I’d be able to hike with my dog (now dogS) at 1pm on a weekday if I wanted to, which means I was looking to create time freedom for myself. I’m proud to say, today at 1pm I was sitting in the dog park watching my girls play in the sun (about 6 weeks late of my original goal date :).

In August 2016 I got crystal clear on what I wanted for my life, I created a plan, I took action, and I made time freedom my reality. This time freedom not only allows me the ability to enjoy my life more, but it has given me the time and energy to focus more on what I LOVE doing – Empowering women to take control of every aspect of her life from weight to relationships to finance so she can finally live the confident, happy, and graceful life she deserves.

I am currently accepting 7 new coaching clients (you do not have to live in Asheville) to work with me.  We will partner in working together to get crystal clear on your vision, create a plan to get you there, get you to take the right actions, and help you cultivate the life you want and DESERVE to live!  If you’re curious to learn more, just fill out the form below. 🙂

Or, if you want to start a little smaller, feel free to jump into my Facebook group and join my FREE 30 Day Mindset Makeover Transformation Challenge!

I want to know what your dreams are, so please email info@nicolespencercoaching.com and share them with me. 🙂  One year from now (or less!) I want those dreams to be your reality, but it only happens through action – so let’s do it!


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