nspencer0617-0417-321We understand that weight loss goes far beyond any diet or exercise program.  Nicole has taken all the lessons she’s learned from working with hundreds of women and combined them into the most effective and comprehensive online coaching program on the market.

The Intentional Body Blueprint is our signature program covering the major areas needed to address permanent weight loss.  This six month program is progressive and habit-based, allowing for small changes over time that add up to massive results.  Includes comprehensive meal planning, at-home exercise, dozens of recipes, and much more!  It’s the ultimate blueprint for losing 25-75 pounds once and for all.

Who’s the Intentional Body Blueprint for?

6It’s for women who want support, motivation, education, accountability, and to be part of a community of women just like them working toward common goals.  It’s for busy professional women and moms who have tried and failed repeatedly to lose weight and/or keep it off.

It’s for women who are tired of starting over again and again, “quick fixes” and programs that only address exercise, nutrition, or both without fully supporting the bigger areas that need to change for results to ever be permanent.

Most importantly, it’s for women who are fed up with not experiencing the freedom they deserve by living out life in a healthy body that they love and are proud to live in.  If you’re ready to go “all in” and permanently change your mindset and approach to food and lifestyle, don’t wait another moment to join us.