Just let go…

I’m writing this at 6pm on Wednesday night.  I’m TIRED today.  Mentally and physically exhausted. I haven’t been sleeping well this week, and I had a really tough workout last night followed by another one early this morning, only giving my body about 12 hours of rest in between.

My brain was in overdrive today, so combined with lack of sleep and pushing myself hard in my workouts all week, I just feel drained.  I have a call with my life coach in an hour (more on that story to come), and then I had a list of things to do after that including reading, more writing, some planning, and going through some training lessons for a course I’m taking.  That activity was to start at 8pm.

I began stressing and feeling overwhelmed at the amount of things on my to-do list when I was already feeling tired.  I’m sharing this with you because I KNOW you can relate.

I talk to enough women like you to know that you put extreme pressure on yourself to live up to your own high standards around family, house, work, and the million and one other things on your plate.  We all do it.  Sometimes it’s necessary – in very pressing circumstances, and more often, it’s not.

So instead of stressing myself out about doing activities that I actually enjoy, I’m going to totally give in to my exhaustion tonight.  I’m consciously making that choice, and at 7:45 when my call ends, I will lie down on the couch, cat cuddled up against me, turn on the TV (something I rarely do on a week night, and I don’t even have cable), and probably fall asleep.  And tonight, I don’t want it any other way.

When you find yourself in this moment as I am tonight, ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I exhausted or procrastinating?
2. Do these things ​have​ to get done right now?  Is it do or die?  Is it URGENT and IMPORTANT (often it feels this way but if we stop to think it’s really not)?
3. Is it better and healthier for me to just stop right now and look after myself (the answer isn’t yes every time!)?

I find I put so much pressure on myself to “do” and to “succeed” that with a slightly more relaxed approach to begin with, I’ll arrive at the same or better outcome.

I hope this resonates with you on some level.  And when you feel like I do tonight, give yourself permission to just LET GO.


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