How I live indulgently AND still stay in shape

Living in Asheville – a town known for it’s food and beer – presents many challenges when it comes to staying fit.  And seeing how I love both of those things, I thought I’d share some of the strategies I personally use to maintain my physique while still indulging in consumption-related fun (because I’d be a total liar if I told you I was a perfect fit pro)!

1. Eat to 80% full.  Sometimes I fail at this but I aim never to completely stuff myself.

2. ​I compensate for the calories.  If I know there’s going to be indulging, I will keep things really light the rest of the day.

3. I train – always.  I’m 100% dedicated to my fitness and have been for years.  An average week consists of 5-6 intense workouts, which are essential for me metabolically

4. I stay on track 80% of the time.  That’s my 80/20 rule!  80% of the time I make choices aligned with my goals, and 20% of the time I have fun without really stressing it.

5. I only indulge in the company of others.  My indulgence is always social and part of a greater experience than just eating.  This makes it so much more enjoyable and manageable!

Getting and keeping results is about practicing the right habits consistently over time.

That’s it.  There’s no magic aside from finding something you can stick with forever. Then, when you discover something new you want to try or there’s a special occasion or another reason you want to indulge, you can do so without too many consequences.  Yes, that’s me trying a hot sauce chicken sandwich topped with french fries this weekend (spoiler alert: impossible to eat a sandwich loaded with french fries, so they had to be removed).

So I’m curious, what’s your favorite indulgence and how do you fit indulging into your lifestyle?

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