Move toward discomfort

I wanted to share a personal reflection that was really powerful for me today.

I was thinking back to the times in my life that brought me the most success and reward, and I realized they were the times when I pursued discomfort. Getting into fitness, changing careers, going to grad school, opening a business, building a home… Those were all uncomfortable things – some even VERY scary!

But on the flip side of that, I was met with the greatest reward and personal growth. Moving into discomfort instead of away from it is what allows me to lead an extraordinary life. Working through discomfort has allowed me to do what I would have thought was impossible and has lead me to the awesome place I’m in today.

I have so many goals and dreams that make me SUPER uncomfortable, but after today’s reflection, I realize I need to get after them NOW for what lies on the other side. And embracing the challenging process will be part of the discomfort but also part of the transformation.

What causes you discomfort that you know could be transformative for you if you took action? I challenge you to move forward!

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