It’s never about weight loss

Over my years as a coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of women on weight loss.  But one thing I hardly ever talk about is what I’ve learned to be true.  It’s never about the weight loss.  Weight loss is simply a vehicle to getting something greater out of life like increased confidence, feeling amazing in your clothes, loving the way your partner looks at you, and so much more.  It truly has nothing to do with watching a number go down on a scale.

But to get those incredible things we want, we have to do the work, and the vehicle (in this case weight loss) becomes an obstacle to getting everything we deserve in life.  I think this is something I discovered a while ago but am only now really talking about.  There’s a great book on this subject that I highly recommend called ​The Obstacle is the Way ​by Ryan Holiday.

In all honesty, ​I think I’ve been “the nice coach” for most of my career.  I’m here to guide, love on my clients, and offer support.  But with that has come my own buy-in to other people’s excuses.  I’ve bought the “she’s so busy” story or “I get that she can’t commit for x, y, and z” reasons.  But truly – ​everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.​  Everyone believes they’re the busiest person on the planet, and it’s one of the most common stories we tell ourselves as we buy into that excuse as to why we don’t have what we want.

I was on fire with passion on this subject and recorded this video the other day, so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch. I truly believe it has a life-changing message of taking back control by aligning your vehicle with your why.

The nice coach in me doesn’t want this message to come off as judgmental or lecture-y…because it’s not the intention!  My goal is to bring more awareness to you about your own thought patterns and belief systems, and believe me – I’m taking in these lessons myself!

Please let me know if this resonates in any way. 🙂


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