Rainy morning inspiration that could change your life

It is POURING rain here today in Asheville.  It was the perfect morning to stay in bed and listen to the rain pound down onto my metal roof and drift back to sleep.  My alarm went off at 6:15, and I wanted to stay under the covers and cuddle with my puppy, but I got up, put my gym clothes on, and completed an awesome workout at 7am.

It would have been easy to skip today, to say I’ll go later (even though I can’t) or that I’ll just go tomorrow.  But it’s also easy NOT to skip when you are clear on your goals and align your daily choices and action with them.  This is the SLIGHT EDGE.

I’m so passionate about the concept shared in the book ​The Slight Edge​ that I’m going to touch on it again here.  The slight edge is the idea that it’s the small decisions in life – the things that don’t really make an immediate difference in a given moment – that compound over time and determine our ultimate success or failure in life.

This is about choosing the path that isn’t the easiest or the most comfortable because truly at the end of the day, your life is at stake.  Some examples I see often include:

  • ​Skipping workouts
  • Eating out of convenience rather than for health
  • Staying in a job or career for fear of not having that security
  • Saying no to powerful opportunities because they aren’t comfortable
  • Staying in relationships for fear of being alone or because of financial dependency
  • Living in a certain way because friends or family want you to

All of these choices fulfill our human desire for certainty, predictability, and comfort.  Being in those states feels good and easy, and that’s why 95% of people will live in that space their entire lives.  If you look at those who live an extraordinary life you will see they HAD to let go of their desire for certainty, predictability, and comfort to achieve excellence.  They didn’t worry about what other people would think, and they made the hard choices to create that extraordinary life.

As my purpose as a coach evolves, I realize more and more that it is to help women define what an extraordinary life looks like to them and to help them achieve it.  My purpose is to help women join the 5% who let go of fear, embrace change, and take charge of every area of their lives.  I‘m so passionate about this because we get ONE LIFE.  I don’t want anyone leaving an ounce of their potential on this planet when they’re gone.  So, let’s reflect on this:

  • ​What slight edge decisions can you focus on?
  • What “hard” choices can you make to change your life?
  • What have you been putting off?
  • What excuses/stories do you tell yourself to continue making “easier” choices?
  • What opportunities have you recently said no to because they make you uncomfortable?
  • When all is said and done and you’re getting ready to exit this world, what do you want your legacy to be?

I hope this gets you thinking because today could be the day you feel the shift, create a plan, take action, and become even more extraordinary than you already are. 🙂

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