Because social media is out of control…

I had a moment the other day where I did something I have vowed not to do and coach others not to do too.  I compared myself to photos I saw on social media.  I had about ten seconds when I wondered why, after all of my nutrition and exercise efforts, I wasn’t leaner and stronger.

Then I snapped out of it, and I also snapped these photos.  Taken seconds apart, the one on the left is relaxed, while the one on the right is a different angle, different positioning of the camera, and I’m flexing.  I remembered that photos like the latter are the ones that typically end up online.

I think social media is an incredible gift that connects our world in unprecedented ways, but it’s also a curse in that it breeds insecurities in so many women that are unnecessary.  There is so much false reality and so many expressions of perfect lives that we set ourselves up for never being good enough.  I’ve experienced that feeling myself, which is why I’m sharing this today.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how much you know, insecurities still strike.  I didn’t research statistics, but I’d bet that women and girls in our world have never been as concerned with appearance as they are today, and so many equate a “perfect” appearance with being “good enough.”

But just as I shared in this article I previously wrote on not believing the pictures you see, you are good enough as you are.  You always will be.  Do I believe in giving healthy living your very best effort?  Absolutely!  But please – BELIEVE that you’re good enough in every moment, even if you’re striving to be better.

So here are my lessons for today:

1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone aside from other versions of yourself.
2. Always give yourself your best efforts because you are absolutely worth it.
3. Don’t believe or buy into images online – whether those are physical images of other women or images of a perfect life someone seems to be living because you must remember that only the very best moments end up online.
4. Spread this message to help others – share this blog post!

So I’d love for you to let me know…what is one thing you absolutely love about your body or your life?  I can’t wait to read what comes through!

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