The snowball effect

The choices you make throughout the day every day ultimately create a snowball effect in your life.  The little things that may seem insignificant in the moment eventually add up to a massively successful life or a life of disappointment.

Today I want to make you aware of those tiny yet indescribably important choices…because they are CHOICES.  If you choose to skip a workout for a day, is it a big deal. No – of course not! But what happens when you make that choice repeatedly.  Maybe it starts over the course of the week, then before you know it, it’s been a month, a quarter, a year…

And on top of that, your eating habits have congruently fallen by the wayside, the ones you were so dedicated to when you were exercising regularly.

The same concept applies in work, relationships, finance – really everywhere in your life.

You see, one day doesn’t make a difference.  Even a week doesn’t make a difference. But you can see, when these choices compound over time, positively or negatively, the result is massive.  The result is a life of abundance or a life of despair.

I want you to be hyper-aware of these seemingly insignificant choices you are making today and choose based on what you just read.  Learn from it then carry that consciousness going forward.  The payoff will be incredible.​

Take control of the snowball effect in your own life, and make it a great week!

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