What drives you?

​I wrote about how to stay motivated here a while back, but I want to explore motivation with you further today because it’s one of the most common objections I hear around why people don’t achieve their fitness and fat loss goals.

There are 4 types of motivation:

1. Fear-based motivation – this is where you take action because you’re afraid for whatever reason of what might happen if you don’t.  This type of motivation disappears when one of two things happens:

1. You do what it takes to alleviate the fear
2. You rationalize the fear, accept the outcome, and are no longer afraid

In either instance, you stop taking action, motivation disappears, and the cycle will repeat.

2. Obligation-based motivation – you’re motivated out of necessity.  You continue to take action only until the obligation is fulfilled or until you simply don’t care anymore. Either way, action and motivation will cease at some point.

3. Perfection-based motivation – this is a BIG one many of the ladies I’ve worked with have to overcome.  You’re motivated to take action only when things all seem to be in perfect alignment.  You wait for the “perfect time” to get started (which doesn’t exist), and then you quit when things aren’t playing out perfectly around the situation.

4. Choice-based motivation – this is where you want to be for endless action, endless motivation, and lifelong change.  You CHOOSE to take action and that action leads to confidence, motivation, and more action in a beautiful cycle.

Choice-based motivation is the only kind that exists from a place of ownership and empowerment.  And it’s the only kind that will ever last long-term.

So I challenge you now to evaluate your situation around any health, fitness, nutrition, fat loss, etc. goals you might have.

  • ​What type of motivation have tried to operate from in the past?
  • Has it worked?
  • How can you CHOOSE choice-based motivation going forward so that you are finally able to not only achieve your goals but stick with the habits you’ll develop through consistent choice forever?

I’d love for you to shoot me a message and share!  This is a REALLY important piece for you to be aware of so you can consciously cultivate change.  What you CHOOSE will bring you fulfillment, motivation, confidence, and continued action.​

This is certainly something you can apply to all areas of your life.  I hope this resonates in some way.


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