What matters most in life

As autumn enters in full force here in the mountains of NC, I spent my weekend in the chilly air in a state of quiet reflection. I thought about many of my GA friends who were affected in some way by the hurricane. So many people have lost their homes, things, and even their lives in this storm. It made me reflect on what’s really important in life…
In the end, it’s never the material things that matter. There are always “nice to haves” in life and then there are “must haves.” It’s the must haves that matter most. I believe the must haves are about love and adding value to the lives of others.
I know my purpose is around inspiring, supporting, guiding, empowering, and educating others to live confidently, healthfully, and gracefully. It’s about me providing as much value to others, even people I’ve never met, that at the end of my life will let me reflect contently.
I vow to love those people and animals closest to me as much as possible, while sharing that love and passion with anyone who wants to be part of my circle, whether face to face or via the online space. I know I have so much to give, so much to share, and adding value is truly the most important thing. It always has been.
So, I ask you today – how can I add value to your life?

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