On worthiness, self-acceptance, & skinny jeans

I can’t quite remember when the world transitioned to skinny jeans, but I do know I was a few ​years​ late to the party.

It seemed like everyone was wearing them, but I continued wearing boot cuts for quite sometime.

I wanted to wear skinny jeans.  I’d go try them on and immediately return them to the rack.


Because of my thighs.  I had determined my thighs were far too big to be seen publicly in skinny jeans.

You see…I’m naturally very curvy.  And I’ve been consistently lifting weights for about a decade, so my I found my thighs to be strong, yet disproportionately large to the rest of my body.

But of course, this was a story I made up.  And I believed it.

I believed I wouldn’t look fit or be judge or just be plain uncomfortable, despite the fact that I was constantly in workout leggings.  It just seemed different.

I’ve written before about my own struggles with body acceptance – you can read those articles here and here.

I’m not sure what changed, but one day I decided that I was going to wear what I want to wear.  I got over the initial insecurity and discomfort, and I’ve been in skinny jeans ever since. 🙂

What I realize now and why I’m sharing this with you is that we all make up stories about our bodies – how they SHOULD look, why we will be judged, or worse, we place constant shame around our imperfections.

​We are and always will be our own worst critics.  

​But here’s something to try…

What if the next time you’re feeling the equivalent fear of the skinny jeans, you just do it?  You wear it.  You acknowledge your fears and insecurities.  You ask yourself why you believe that story.  You do what makes you fearful or uncomfortable anyway.  

I promise your perception will change.  Reality is never scary as the prospect.  And maybe you can even opt out of your own story in favor of a new story about your own beauty and worthiness.

What stories have you made up about your body? How have they prevented you from living fully (even if it’s as silly as not wearing skinny jeans)?  How did you change your thoughts – or how can you if you haven’t already?

I have to tell you – I <3 my skinny jeans now, and I’ll never go back.

A month from now, I want you to write to me and tell me what insecurity you fought against and how things have change.

Because…you are worthy. 🙂

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