You’ve been lied to

“21 Days to a Bikini Body!”

“6 Exercises for Flat Abs!”

“The 5 Foods You Should NEVER Eat​!”

“Lengthen and Tone Your Muscles”

You see, all of the above are headlines that you could probably see right now on magazine covers while waiting to check out in the grocery store.  They all suggest a simple solution to a complex problem while tugging at the heart strings of your desires.

If you’ve read a combination of articles like this, you were probably left feeling more confused and overwhelmed than before.  These shortcuts to success are damaging in that they not only fail to set us up for success, but that they also create so much confusion that it’s hard to navigate our way out.

But here’s the reality…none of those articles are worth anything.  None of them can make you healthy, give the you the body you want, and most importantly – none of them can make you love yourself.  They can confuse you, make you feel less worthy, and pull you further off-track than before.

I believe that women should aim to nourish their bodies with exercise, sleep, good food, and stress management in the name of self-love and self-care.  Take care of your body because you love it, not because you hate it.

If there are significant changes that need to be made, find and follow a program that leads to the result you desire.  Get the guidance of a qualified coach.  But please, don’t overwhelm yourself by engaging with the lies you’re told every single day, whether the lies are about what it takes to get fit or about what you ​should​ want to look like, release yourself of that burden.

Self-improvement and self-care are daily tasks, but you are good enough as you are and you always will be.

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